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ELAN Network
The European Landart Network (ELAN) is an initiative, which brings together organisations, artists, academics, experts and students of several European countries.

Organisations from France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom support projects and programmes to develop Land Art in rural areas and cultural landscapes.

ELAN supports projects of artists from all over the world which opens a cultural perception of the landscape and explores the dialogue between man, art and nature.

To explore the dialogue between Art, man and nature ELAN organizes inter-European meetings and symposia. Find here events and more  about Land Art in Europe.



Art in the landscape can take on many forms and this European initiative will explore some of the consequences of commissioning artists to creating new Land Art works in site specific locations in different European countries.

Our connection with the earth is paramount and art makes a significant contribution to our philosophical and cultural perception of the landscape.

The commissioning of new Land Art works at currently four major arts organisations will provide an opportunity to explore the dialogue between man, art and nature through public interaction and education along with inter-European meetings and symposia.

Although the commissioning of new works of art is the centre piece of the activity, analysis will be made of the impact this intervention will have on the particular space and the contribution art in the landscape can make to sustaining the cultural values of landscape in Europe.

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