ELAN would continue to be a pioneer of Land Art in Europe

"Europe is first and foremost a cultural project – and not primarily an economic one. Especially against the background of current economic crises and political disagreements, we should remember that art creates space for mutual understanding, for understanding and communication." This message of greeting Monika Grütters, the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, dedicates to the 4th ELAN Symposium at Springhornhof in Lower Saxony/Germany.

4th ELAN Symposium at Springhornhof FoundationDr. Dieter Herzog, Chairman of the board of Springhornhof Foundation welcomed and introduced the partners and supporters of the EU Culture project and noticed that "'Creative Europe' is one of our tags. This creativity has met us everywhere and we loved it."

Dr. Annette Schwandner, Head of the culture department of the Lower Saxony's Ministry of Arts and Culture, spoke about "Cultural exchange through Land Art" and emphasised that "Land Art questions and interprets, comments and gives new perspectives and prospects – not only on landscape." and certifies the European Land Art Networt (ELAN) "strength in the cultural dialogue" and praised its "cross-border exchange of new artistic positions and young artists".

Bettina v. Dziembowski, Artistic director of Springhornhof Foundation, presented the current ELAN art projects, especially the project "49 Cube" of David Nash (UK) together with Peter Murray from Yorkshire Sculpture Parc, the project "Water Path" from Jarosław Kozakiewicz at Centre of Polish Sculpture, Will Beckers project "Echo" at Arte Sella, Italy, and the latest project "D28" of Gabriela Albergaria at Springhornhof.

In the afternoon Helga Schuchart, Chairman of board of trustees of Springhornhof Foundation, introduced the new ELAN partners with Nadine Gomez Passmer from Musee Gassendi, and Mattias Givell from Wanas Konst, Knislinge, Schweden.

In a panel experts of discuss current topics of European Land Art. Dieter Karweik, Department spatial planning and rural development at Lower Saxony's, Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, acted for the thesis that a.o. "the art scene in the 20th century gaves itself the assignment to engage in processes of social change", means that "art can also be pulse for processes of change and transformation of rural communities". Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krempel, former director of Sprengel Museum Hannover and member of artistic advisory board of Springhornhof Foundation, said a.o. that "Land Art projects help to focus the rural exodus and demographic change." Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher, Faculty of landscape architecture of regional open spaces at the TU University Munich, stated: "ELAN has best opportunities, to  become a research partner in terms of landscape, art and culture exchange."

Finally Wolfgang Loewe, board member of Springhornhof Foundation, discussed with the audience a.o. about the previous and future activities and perpectives of the ELAN. Conclusion: ELAN with its partners would continue to be a pioneer of Land Art in Europe.

Find photo impressions of the 4th ELAN Symposium here at Facebook.

© Photo: Märit Heuer

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